Rising Era of Investment INSIDE Dholera SIR TP

Dholera SIR (Dholera Smart City ) is made up of six Town Planning (TP) schemes, with land pooling method of 22 villages, making the area of 922 sq. kms as a Smart city. Town Planning scheme means existing uneven Shape & Size land pooling and resizing, reshaping into a well developed and well-planned area with the road connectivity. So far, all the well-known city across India and globe has been developed by using town planning mechanism. In india city like Chandigarh, Gandhinagar, New Mumbai, GIFT City has been developed by TP Schemes mechanism

Investor should understand the geographic location of DHOLERA SIR: Inside and Outside areas properties before a wise investment. Residential Projects out of Dholera SIR would be developed by the individual developer with amenities of Gram Panchayat. While inside DHOLERA SIR  Town Planning schemes the infrastructure will be given by Dholera SIR Development Authority.

World class amenities and Smart city facilities which will be provided inside Dholera SIR by Plug and play infrastructure system, which includes treated drinking water ( Portable, non-portable ) Sewage system, Storm water system, Information &  Communication enabled plots , Power ducts, Gas lines inside the road, Smart traffic management, CCTV area monitoring , Community halls, Gardens, world class road infrastructure, City Centers, Knowledge & IT Zones & Green area etc.

Plug and play infrastructure system amenities won’t be available in rural areas surrounding villages of OUTSIDE Dholera in decades. They have to come SIR TP Schemes areas for School, Bank, College, Medical assistances, Financial services, employment opportunities. it is the myth that surrounding area is Dholera smart city.

Inside Dholera Sir, such facilities are under construction & will be completed very soon by Internationally renowned companies e.g. AECOM, Larsen & Toubro (L&T), WIPRO, SPML, CUBE Construction.

Infinity infra dholera sir is major player promoting and selling properties/Residential Plots INSIDE dholera sir Town planning Scheme 1 to 6, which is sanctioned dholera smart city.

Govt. itself promoting the investments inside Dholera SIR for Defence and Aviation manufacturing facility, it will be developed in Tp-2 of Dholera sir. Recently news has came in media about Airbus, France, will set up the unit for helicopter manufacturing at Dholera. all the fiscal benefits will be given to the investors who are willing to setup their production facilities inside Dholera SIR.

so the upcoming time is for INVESTMENT at Inside DHOLERA SIR TP SCHEMES.