STP & CETP Tender Allotted

Sewage water treatment plant

Sewage Treatment Plan (STP) Allotted to L&T

Total STP Capacity
10 MLD
L&T(Larsen & Toubro)
Construction Cost
53.9 Cr

The Activation area requires the development of sewage collection and treatment systems as essential facilities for the development.
Also, there will be recycled water distribution system with the treated water from the STP as the recycled water will reduce the load on the potable water demand.

Common Effluent Treatment Plant(CETP) Allotted to TBD

Total STP Capacity
20 MLD
Construction Cost
145 Cr

The Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) is an important requirement to provide a clean environment in order to initiate the development activities in the Activation Area of the DSIR.

CETP Provide the basic requirement of Industrial Effluent Treatment in order to ensure a clean and habitable environment for the development of industrial and other mixed use activities in Activation Area of the DSIR.

Setting a benchmark for development of other trunk infrastructures in the DSIR showcasing the principles of sustainability by providing a world-class destination for industries.