Understanding the Geography and Zones OF Dholera

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14 March 2019

Dholera East Vs Dholera West

Understanding the Geography and Zones OF Dholera 

Nowadays, People are witnessing the fast development at Dholera SIR. From Both, Government Authorities and Private Developers of the Area. People Gets Confused About Choosing the Right location of the Investment. Here are the Micro details about the choosing the location based on geographic knowledge with some Zoning details.

As you can see in the Development plan of Dholera SIR, it is mainly divided in to 2 parts from Central spine road i.e. East part of Dholera SIR and West Part of Dholera SIR. 

Further, if you look the zoning of the Dholera Smart city (Dholera SIR). You will be able to sketch the future by dedicated zones in both the sides. Dholera SIR East Part (Towards saline Sea Coast) is more of Industrial Zone, Costal Regulation Zone, Solar and Renewable Energy Zone. Activation Area (Mostly Industrial) is Developed in the East Part of TP2. Because Large Industrial Land Parcels Are in the East part if Dholera SIR. So, if you are buying industrial land or land for logistics facility you should buy your plan in the eastern part of TP2 or any other TP Scheme. 

But, For Residential or Commercial Usage Western Part of Dholera TP2 W would be wise decision. Because it has got All the Premium Zones in West part.

 Listing out few 

  • City Center Zone 
  • Knowledge and IT zone
  • High Access Corridor 
  • Largest Residential Zone 
  • Green Spaces next to Residential zone. 

These Zones Are Considered to be the Premium Zones of any city, we can check the trend and past development. 

Today, prices of all the projects within TP2 is similar. Be it in West side or in East Part but after a decade there will be huge difference in the prices due to higher demand in west part, all because of the crème zone and demand to be in no-nuisance zone.

Commercial and Residential area will be in demand as compared to Residential area near Industrial area. Because in industrial area or in vicinity there is lots of nuisance throughout the year due labors, transporting, various pollution due to industrial activities, etc. Which we cannot neglect 

Nobody would like to have their bungalow in front of Industrial Area Due to all these reasons mentioned in last paragraph. 

While Residential area which is near to City Center Zone, Knowledge and IT zone, Metro route High access Corridor Zone and Green space in one side will have more demand due to the quality of life in that area. Simple Demand Supply rule will be applicable, Higher the demand – higher the prices. While the scenario in east part would be opposite, Lower the demand – lower the prices (As nobody, including you would like to have bungalow opposite of industrial factories, give a thought)

So, Remember 

TP2 East =

Industrial area in neighbor hood 

nuisance of labors

nuisance of transportation in industrial area 

various minor and major pollutions 

no pose locality 

no demand in future 

early price saturation 

Less elevated land from Sea level 

no commercial and office complexes 

lesser residential zones (mainly high density zones for Lower income group Housing)

TP2 West =

Commercial Zones 

Knowledge and IT zones 

Large Residential zones 

Middle income and high income group housing 

Higher the demand 

Higher the connectivity with offices and retail sectors 

More recreation zones 

No nuisance of industries 

More price appreciation 

I would like to share an example,

In 1990 Person A Had Purchased a Bungalow of 1000 sq. yard in Ahmedabad East area where mainly all the industrial zones were situated and in the same year Person B Had Purchased the Bungalow of 1000 sq. yard in Ahmedabad West area where no industrial zones were situated of planned. Both had purchased the Bungalow at almost same price then.

But today, Person A is getting Value of Rs 2.5 Cr for the asset he has and Person B is getting Value of Rs 14 Cr for the asset he has. they both had spent almost similar money in 1990. But as on today, it has Huge Price Difference, Due to commercial connectivity at Person B’s Property. 


Choose Wisely 

Research Wisely 

Think Wisely 

Compare Wisely and 


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